Strawberry Swirl

So simple yet so refreshingly delicious. The Strawberry Swirl at the Enchanted Grove refreshment stand was, among many things, a much-needed respite from the intense Central Florida heat.

A worthy tribute to the dessert Gods

From what I remember it was essentially a strawberry and vanilla ice cream swirl but it tasted like Heaven. As soon as I saw the Enchanted Grove appear on the horizon after walking through Tomorrowland I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The toxic smell of exhaust from Tomorrowland Speedway mixed with the heavy smell of fry oil and grease wafting over from Cosmic Ray’s was (although nostalgic now) a necessary evil in order to arrive at the dessert Mecca of the Magic Kingdom.

There’s nothing better than getting off a gut-wrenching, nauseating spin on the Mad Tea Party only to gorge yourself full of sugar. Because, really, there’s only one thing that makes a child happier than being at Disney World: sugar.

As with so many other classic Disney items, the Strawberry Swirl has vanished into the Disney abyss. In fact, those dorks even got rid of the Enchanted Grove in favor of a new place called The Cheshire Cat…granted, it is themed after Alice in Wonderland now – just like the Mad Tea Party next to it – which makes more sense, but I can still be bitter about it.

What next Disney? How many more childhood memories of mine will you crush with your soft, white, puffy mouse hand?

I would compose another post about the Enchanted Grove but since all we ever got there was the Strawberry Swirl, I wasn’t too fond of the building.

Rumors online say it may be brought back in a different restaurant but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Teasing somebody with the prospect of a Strawberry Swirl is like teasing a dog with a piece of food: it’s funny because he/she will never get it but it’s mean to give him/her false hope.


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