Honeymoon Trip Report: Magic Kingdom

EDIT: If you click on an individual picture if will give you the full size image (or at least a larger image). The quality of some of the in-text pictures is…bad.

Magic Kingdom is THE park to visit when you go to Disney World. There are so many classic attractions that we ended up spending the majority of our time there. Let’s get right to it.

Starting in Fantasyland (non-logical here) Snow White’s (Not so) Scary Adventure was gone. In its place will eventually be a Princess meet and greet but for now a large scrim covers it.

Dumbo has moved and doubled in size. It’s over in “Storybook Circus” by other yet-to-open attractions and Goofy’s Barnstormer. There is a big play area for the kids in the middle of the line. We decided to skip it but it could be very fun for kids. The only problem I see is getting them to leave when your buzzer goes off and it’s time for you to board the ride. Although I have heard if you go up to the desk they will swap your pager for a new one with more time on it.

Goofy’s Barnstormer had been re-themed and the queues were swapped. The lengthy entrance has been turned into the exit and the entrance queue is shorter now. The ride, however, is still the same length and very kid-friendly.

Is Google Street View available?

There were a lot of scrims and walls up around the back side of Fantasyland making way for the NEW Fantasyland.

The crane is a nice addition

Above the walls you can see Beast’s Castle and Eric’s Castle (?).

Here’s a blurry picture of it

Here is a less blurry, zoomed out version

I don’t know what the Little Mermaid building is actually called. It looks pretty though and there is a big, slow-moving, journey-type ride inside.

This is the best picture I have of it. If you look past the blue wall and crane it’s right in the middle.

Peter Pan continues to have the longest waits out of any ride at Magic Kingdom. “it’s a small world” continues to have almost no lines.

Here’s a terrible picture of a 20 minute wait at “it’s a small world”

In Liberty Square, the hitchhiking ghosts on the Haunted Mansion were updated. They are computer generated and interact with you. During one ride the ghost swapped Ashley and I’s heads. It was quite comical and I was actually impressed with the technology used. The queue for the ride has also improved in that you can take two different routes.

They still have that one vacancy

You can go through the normal (read: boring) line or go through the GRAVE YARD. If the line isn’t long it’s worth the extra two minutes to walk through there; it’s really cool and a lot of the headstones are quite funny. Also, the creepy lady at the end is still wanting you to “Hurry baaaAAAAaack.”

We didn’t get the pleasure of watching The Hall of Presidents on our trip so I didn’t get to check out the awesome oration of President Obama but I’m sure he’s holding up fine. In other news, here is a picture I like to call “Abraham Lincoln: Flesh Eating Disease.”

Quite revealing

In Frontierland, Splash and Thunder Mountain railroads continue to churn out guests and be two spectacular rides. Thunder Mountain was updated a bit. Basically, some geysers actually work again and things were painted so they look pretty.

This motor powers the chain-lift for the big hill

You May Get Wet!

Pecos Bill’s Tavern continues to take a back seat to Cosmic Ray’s and Tortuga Tavern has still not been graced by my presence. I hear they have Mexican-type food there but I honestly don’t know, it was always closed when we walked past at night.

Nothing different in Adventureland as far as I could tell. The Orange Bird was back. I didn’t remember it from before though so the news didn’t really pique my attention. The spitting camel still works. The Jungle Cruise continues to be better at night (and the jokes continue to be cheesy but funny). The Tiki Room was back to its original form apparently. I did not get to see it.

I hear the birds sing words, and the flowers croon

Main Street U.S.A is so beautiful now. Maybe I never recognized it before but I’m 99.99% certain all of the construction Disney did to Main Street over the past year was the reason for the incredible facades on all of the buildings. The colors popped and the architectural detail was outstanding on every, single, building.

The tire sized “crisped rice” Mickey-shaped treats are a nice touch

Turkey Leg shirts sold here

Makin’ mammories

The Tomorrowland dance party was non-operational during out stay (big disappointment, let me tell you). Space Mountain was shut down a lot, luckily only once while we were in line.

The TTA is still the best ride in the Magic Kingdom. Stitch’s Great Escape is still the worst attraction in all of Disney. Oh, and I got an all-time high score on the Buzz Lightyear’s Spange Ranger Spin.

That would make me a Ranger 1st Class

As far as the food goes, there wasn’t a whole lot of change that I noticed. The flat-bread pizza at Pinocchio’s Village Haus was delicious as far as theme park pizza goes. I much prefer it over the round pizzas you get practically everywhere else (including Pizza Planet. Maybe it’s me but shouldn’t PIZZA planet have its own special pizzas of some sort? Why would I get a pizza there when I can get one anywhere else on property and not have to deal with 90% of the kids in Hollywood Studios screaming around trying to break as many arcade games as humanly possible?).

It’s a HUGE building

I got Pepperoni because I’m American DAMN IT

Ashley never got her Turkey Leg (Side note: we saw a family in one of the gift shops asking each other if they knew what the deal was with Turkey Legs. Apparently they had never been to one of the parks before.). The Mickey head ice cream treats are YUMMY. Cosmic Ray’s is still my favorite restaurant in all of Disney. Strawberry swirls are still MIA.

Yes I love you, I still love you


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