Honeymoon Trip Report: Downtown Disney

The boss cracked down on personal devices at work so I apologize to all four of you for the enormous delay between the last post and this post. Last time we spent time together I promised some musings about Downtown Disney. Well, here they are.

I was so focused on spending other people’s money while there that I didn’t take too many pictures. So, unfortunately, those that choose to suffer through the next five minutes of their life will have to read more of my mediocre grammar than usual.

We went to Downtown Disney two times during our honeymoon: once at night and once during the day. Both times we took the ferry from Port Orleans to the dock between Cap’N Jacks and Rainforest Cafe: Downtown Disney style.

Of all the restaurants on Disney property I probably know the least about this one.

So this is the first thing you see on the left as you exit the ferry. I think it’s Rainforest Cafe under construction?

You always cruise past Fulton’s on your way into dock. It looks much more festive at night.

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about the Marketplace unless you haven’t been there before. We usually go a couple of times each trip and know what to expect but if you don’t there is a whole heck of a lot of Disney here.

The World of Disney shop is gigantic and has just about every piece of Disney merchandise available anywhere on Disney property.  The building itself has almost ten separate LARGE rooms, each with their own theme and category of merchandise: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, girl toys, boy toys (HEY HEY), home goods, etc. We got a ton of sweet swag this trip.

This is the best picture I have of it. Basically all of the roof-line you see with orange under it is the store.

Ashley found a mistake! Boardwalk is blue, not purple. Purple is the color of the cheapest properties. Fire the Disney researchers!

Other stores we frequent include Disney’s Days of Christmas, The Art of Disney (for when we have $10,000 to drop on a few pretty drawings of Disney),  Goofy’s Candy Co., Once Upon a Toy and the House of Blues gift shop.

We bought two Christmas ornaments this trip, one of which we had customized with the date of our wedding and “Mr. and Mrs. Nichols” painted on the side, how cute. AND in a few weeks we will finally get to use it. AND it snowed last night here! If we were rich we would most likely have half of the items from this store because 1) We LOVE Disney and 2) We LOVE Christmas.

The Art of Disney is a nice place to window shop. They have tons of photos, prints, paintings, etc. that would look great in a cheap apartment but because of said cheap apartment we can’t afford any of it. Some day we will have a giant, 4-foot tall drawing of the Magic Kingdom hanging in our house…someday.

Once Upon a Toy is just plain fun. We never get anything while “shopping” but there are all kinds of cool toys and stuffed animals lining the walls so it may be impossible to remove a small child from the store once they enter. My favorite item is the Monorail train set. Every time I see it I want to buy it so I can set it up under our Christmas tree. How COOL would it be to have a Monorail ride around your Christmas tree!? Way better than a plain, boring train.

Buzz and his tender touch.

The House of Blues gift shop is usually a three minute encounter. I walk in, see if they have any different Blue Brothers shirts – they usually do but I don’t like them – go to the register, grab a few pair of the House of Blues Ray-Ban Wayfarer-esque sunglasses and plop them on the counter. They cost something like $5 and say “House of Blues” right on the side. Finding sunglasses for $5 is hard enough. Finding sunglasses that I really enjoy and say “House of Blues” on them for $5 is an incredible steal. And since I tend to lose and/or break a pair or two a year I stock up whenever I’m there. I currently have three pair still in the plastic bag in my nightstand and plan to buy a couple more when we go in mid-December.

Goofy’s Candy Co. was a home run for us this trip. Ashley had recently fallen in love with chocolate covered caramel with sea salt before our trip. Much to her delight, Goofy decided to stock bags of such candy at his Co. so she jumped on it and got a few while there. Also while there we engaged in quite possibly the best use of a Disney snack credit when we used two to each create a custom Mickey-shaped “crisped treat.” I went with white chocolate inner coating, Butterfinger outer coating and dark chocolate drizzle  Ashley had either dark or milk chocolate inner coating, white and milk chocolate chip outer coating and dark chocolate drizzle. We snacked on these our entire trip and I don’t think either of us finished before we left.

Mine is on the left, Ashley’s on the right.

Continuing on with food, we both enjoyed a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. My sister, Emily, had told us about Earl and his sandwiches from her last trip before we left so we knew we had to go there. Well, it didn’t disappoint. I chose The Full Montagu and I don’t remember which sandwich Ashley got but she clearly enjoyed it.

The people sitting behind Ashley were very loud and vulgar. If we had children with us I would have either moved away or asked them to STFU.

My sandwich was stuffed full of roast beef, turkey, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato and a spicy mustard. It was a little chunk of Heaven between two slices of bread (Much different from a Wish Sandwich: The kind of a sandwich where you have two slices of bread and you, he he he he, wish you had some meat, bow bow bow).

Before I unwrapped the beauty.

Everything about this sandwich screamed perfection. The toasted bread really put it over the edge.

They also had these whoopi pie like brownie sandwiches for dessert. Ashley opted for the vanilla icing filled variety while I went with the peanut butter filled one. Ashley wasn’t overly impressed with her’s saying the filling was a little strange but my peanut butter one was delicious. Really, Earl of Sandwich can do no wrong in my eyes.

Ashley also bought a chocolate soda from the Ghirardelli shop. It was quite busy when we went around 8 p.m. CRAZY!

This was actually a little slow. At one point it was body on body everywhere. It got real hot and heavy.

We didn’t do much else on the Marketplace end. I wanted to go to the Lego store but since they are ridiculously expensive so we didn’t go. The Lego sculptures are amazing though. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I can conceptualize how one would construct such a thing but I just can’t imagine somebody actually doing it: Mind bottling (You know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?).

We spent a fair amount of time on the “West Side” and “Pleasure Island” this trip. When I say a fair amount of time I mean we walked over there a couple times and got a Wetzel’s Pretzel. We were going to eat at one of the restaurants but a meal credit counting blunder on my part made us rethink our strategy. The entire area seems like a really cool spot to hang out in and would probably be quiet fun at night for adults. Raglan Road had live entertainment every time we went, just about every place had a bar and people were in the mood, to party.

I’m sure we will spend some night on the “West Side” or “Pleasure Island” on one of our impending trips before we have children. We had this planned for our Honeymoon but were too tired to party so we got a pretzel and went to bed instead, what’s up!

That’s about it for Downtown Disney. Next up (hopefully sooner than last time) will most likely be an overview of other Disney resorts we toured while there.


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