Tarzan Rocks

As a child, I always found shows at Disney World to be a waste of time. Why would I watch a twenty minute show when I could be going on rides?

That mindset changed when I saw Tarzan Rocks for the first time. I was awestruck.

Two worlds, one family

I loved the music. I loved the theming. I loved the costumes. I loved Tarzan. Most importantly, I loved the rollerbladers that did stunts throughout the show.

When compared to the sometimes :cough: boring :cough: shows found throughout the rest of the Disney parks, Tarzan was exhilarating.

Sure, the songs were about love and family and belonging but it was ROCK love and ROCK family and ROCK belonging. And there was rollerblading. And a scantily clad Tarzan for the ladies.

Watching it now, it reminds me a lot of the Festival of the Lion King show. Lots of acrobats and music and grunting and animal noises.

It was a 30 minute show so I don’t want to go into too much detail but basically it was the music from Tarzan (thank you Phil Collins) set to choreographed acrobatics, and rollerblading.

Great picture of the rollerblading: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natenewton/3533227174/

I always found it strange that Tarzan and Jane weren’t singing the songs. I don’t know why I thought they would be… Instead a normal guy and normal girl stood on stage while everybody else went nuts behind them.

Maybe it’s because I love the Tarzan music and still have the soundtrack on my iPod but Tarzan Rocks was just plain awesome. I can’t think of a better word for it. For a little boy, the only thing missing was ice cream falling from the ceiling.

Watching Tarzan soar through the sky with Jane was inspiring. I was so pumped after watching the show my parents would have to calm me down. I was READY TO ROLL!

As with many great things at Disney, a new attraction replaced it. Apparently a decade after a movie is released, all the little girls and boys forget about it and you have to come up with a new show based on a newer movie.

On pure principle, I have NOT been to see the new Finding Nemo show. The fact that it inside and air-conditioned it enticing but I can’t do that to Tarzan. Him and his rockin’ friends entertained me for many years at Animal Kingdom and I owe it to him to boycott Finding Nemo. Plus…there’s no way a fish can rollerblade.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. There aren’t many good pictures of the show itself, too much blur. Better to just watch the video. I can’t explain it any better.