Honeymoon Trip Report: EPCOT World Showcase Pt. 1

Of the two “worlds” of EPCOT, World Showcase may seem less entertaining on paper – especially if you are only looking for attractions – but it actually offers a lot more than meets the eye. This trip was the first time that either one of us really took the time to explore all of the countries.

We had both walked around World Showcase plenty of times before. However, we had never gone in to as many shops and restaurants as we did this trip.

The biggest dilemma when entering World Showcase is which direction to head. Clockwise will start you off in Mexico and end in Canada. Counter-clockwise offers the opposite.

If you want to eat sooner rather than later, head to your right and start with Canada. If you want to “be on a boat” a couple of times head to the left: Donald and the Vikings await.

Since I like to eat and be a rebel, I’ll start the report in Canada and work my way to Mexico going counter-clockwise.


The best shot I could find of the pavilion as a whole.

Canada offers beautiful landscaping and delicious food but not much in the way of shopping or attractions. Ashley and I have yet to watch “O Canada” the Martin Short, CircleVision 360 show.  One of the reasons being it’s hard to actually find unless you walk all the way to the back of the country and take the stairs down into what looks like an abandoned polar bear exhibit in a zoo. Apparently, there is a theatre somewhere under the Canada pavilion, or maybe its above Le Cellier, I’m not sure. Add that to the “List of things to explore when at Disney next.”

A big rock

The vegetation and colors there are wonderful

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