Honeymoon Trip Report: Yacht & Beach Club, Boardwalk and Swan & Dolphin

Continuing the trend, we visited the five “EPCOT” resorts on a rainy afternoon after visiting the Magic Kingdom that morning. As I mentioned before, my family had visited the Boardwalk resort once before and it was traumatizing.

After perusing the Boardwalk, my family headed to the bus station to return to our All Star Resort. We had been waiting for a few minutes and suddenly I had to pee. My dad took me to the closest bathroom and I did my business. Tragically, I accidentally left my butt-bag (or fanny pack if you prefer) in the men’s bathroom after relieving myself but we didn’t notice this until we made it back to the bus station. As our “motor coach” pulled up, we grabbed all of our belongings. This is when terror struck. I realized I didn’t have my butt-bag and most likely left it in the bathroom. I don’t remember much after that other than making it back to the bathroom, finding my butt-bag, running back to the bus station and missing the bus. A lot of tears ensued. Moral of the story: Don’t remove your butt-bag while peeing.

My most recent visit was much less traumatizing. It would have been a lot more enjoyable had it not rained. Luckily, you can get to most of the areas by walking under awnings.

The resort is very Roaring 20’s-ish, if that makes sense. It’s one of those looks-old-but-isn’t things. It’s the kind of place your grandmother would like to stay at.

A lot of flowery carpets around.

Looks like a pretty short ride. Hope the lines aren’t long.

There’s no denying the resort is visually appealing. Being a Deluxe Resort nearly guarantees that but they do a good job with theming here, especially once you go outside to the actual Boardwalk area.

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