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Honeymoon Trip Report: Table-Service Dining

Besides being a married couple and being on our Honeymoon, having the Standard Disney Dining Plan was the biggest difference between our last trip and any other Disney trip either of us have ever been on. Ashley had been once with me before and a couple of times as a kid but didn’t remember a whole lot about eating at Disney. All I remember is eating a lot of quick-service restaurants with some character meals mixed in.

In fact, I had been to Cosmic Ray’s so many times as a child that when Ashley and I went together for the first time and ate there I (and Ashley) was astonished that I remembered almost every word to almost every song Sunny Eclipse sings.

(Video of Sunny singing to come)

Well, this trip we experienced a whole new side of Disney: table-service restaurants.

We knew many months ahead of time that we would have this dining plan. By the time we actually got there I would say we made at least 100 reservations and cancelled over 90 of them: we had a hard time making up our minds. We did a lot of research on The Disney Food Blog and EasyWDW to figure out exactly where we wanted to eat. Since it was our Honeymoon and people were willingly throwing money at us, we could make a reservation at practically anywhere we wanted (except Victoria and Albert’s, let’s be real here). For the first time in my life money really wasn’t an object. Being able to order ANYTHING I wanted on a menu was exceptionally liberating and frightening all at once. At first I HAD to look at the prices because that’s what I was used to but after a few days I was ordering filet mignon and cocktails left and right.

We went to so many nice table-service restaurants that I’m not going to list them here. I know it’s kind of lazy of me but I didn’t take many pictures of our meals and I’m not that great a food reviews anyway. I’m going to stick to the same format as last post and post some pictures that I took of our meals and say something about them in the caption. This should result in a shorter post and less agony on your end.

I may not even write a post about quick-service meals because 1) They are relatively boring and 2) We will be eating at plenty of them next weekend and I can talk about them after. Just know that we went to Flame Tree BBQ and it was amazing, we went to Cosmic Ray’s because we love it and we went to a handful of other places that were, for the most part, yummy.

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Recent Visit Series

My wife and I returned from Disney on September 3 after an 8-day trip. It was the first time I had gone in a year and a half and the first time since I started (and then neglected for three months) this blog.

There was so much at Disney I forgot about. Oddly enough though, I didn’t really find anything in the parks that I wished was still there. A lot of things were gone and new things were either added or personally experienced for the first time but nothing really warranting an entire post.

Instead, I am going to compose a separate post for each of the four parks, a fifth post about our wonderful stay at Port Orleans French Quarter and a sixth “miscellaneous” post. Magic Kingdom will most likely be first. I actually have MY OWN pictures to include as well. My (mom: not-so-loyal and aunt: loyal) readers should be excited.

Oh, I also met a celebrity Disney blogger.

Phenomenal Photos

Completely unrelated to the theme of this blog…

I was looking through pictures of Port Orleans French Quarter on the DIS Boards in anticipation of our Honeymoon there in August and came across a couple of brilliant photographers that have plenty of Disney pictures to feast your eyes upon.



I’m sure there are thousands more out there but I found these two to be spectacular.